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what is this?
Subject: what is this?
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what is this?

This insect (?) is in Georgia and about the size of a quarter, lives in a hole.

Around the eyes the skin looks like elephant or aligator(crocodile) skin the eyes to unusual cant quite make it out.
how is that an insect????? har it looks just like a animal
It looks like a turtle to me.
Michael Dillon
This is a small round insect (I think) it is shiny blue-ish in the front and has a dark fuzzy back as you can see. It lives in a hole, down which it can go far enought o be out of sight. I haven't been able to see it's legs or feet. What you are seeing here appears to be all of it except for it's legs.
Michael Dillon
From the invertabrates curator at the Milwaukee Museum - Cyclocosmia truncata is a trap door spider it is blue-black and does occur in Georgia. It would be not more than an inch long at maturity and closes the top of its tubelike burrow with a silken lid (perhaps corresponding to the fuzzy cap
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what the hell is that?
The pic is very small exect identification is not possible butl I think its "Dung Beetle"

Elephant beetle
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