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Rufous elephant shrew (Galegeeska rufescens)
Subject: Rufous elephant shrew (Galegeeska rufescens)
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Rufous elephant shrew (Galegeeska rufescens)

Although the common name of Galegeeska rufescens is 'elephant shrew', it is not a shrew nor is it related to elephants. It gets its name from its long mobile snout, which it can move around rather like an elephant’s trunk. It uses its snout to search for worms, ants, termites and other invertebrates. Its legs are long and thin; its hindlimbs are longer than its forelimbs, allowing it to jump and hop. It has a long tail, and large eyes and ears. It also has long, soft fur; the upper parts are sandy brown, buffy grey or buffy orange and the underparts are white or greyish.

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