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Subject: (P:\Africa\Elephant) Dn-a0293.jpg (1/1) (88 K)
Poster: Darren New (
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(P:\Africa\Elephant) Dn-a0293.jpg (1/1) (88 K)

From: (Darren New)
Subject: (P:\Africa\Elephant-Mud) Index.gif (0/1) (191 K)
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 02:17:13 GMT

African Elephants, 3 of 3 sets.
This one was so cute. A few elephants came down
near sunset to get a drink. The little baby would play
in the mud, walking out and then just plopping over,
splashing mud all over. Then he'd get up and wipe
himself off against Mom's leg, and go do it again.
Mom kept pushing him back to his feet, so he'd go over
by Dad and start plopping over again. Finally,
when they were done, they started walking away,
and after a minute the baby looks up and you can
practically see him saying "Hey, wait for me!"
The video is a classic, but rather large even

(As you can tell, I didn't manage to number
these in any sort of sensible order. Oh well.)

Kenya and Tanzania, Summer 2000.
Scanned from 6x4 prints of 35mm film
with a not-too-good scanner.
Released to the Public Domain,
but I would appriciate hearing about
commercial use of the photos.
-- Darren New.

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