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dusky-headed parakeet (Aratinga weddellii)
Subject: dusky-headed parakeet (Aratinga weddellii)
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Resolution: 1800x1200 File Size: 512391 Bytes Date: 2010:09:21 21:05:10 Camera: NIKON D90 (NIKON CORPORATION) F number: f/5.6 Exposure: 10/1000 sec Focal Length: 3000/10 Upload Date: 2017:06:15 17:53:30

dusky-headed parakeet (Aratinga weddellii)

Aratinga weddellii 22-Sep-10 Anangu Preserve, Upper Amazon, Ecuador
Date 21 September 2010, 21:05
Source Dusky-headed Parakeet
Author Don Faulkner

The dusky-headed parakeet, Weddell's conure or dusky conure (Aratinga weddellii) is a small green Neotropical parrot with dusty grey head found in wooded habitats in the western Amazon basin of South America.

Scientific Name: Aratinga weddellii (Deville, 1851)
Common Names: Dusky-headed Parakeet, Dusky-headed Conure
French: Conure de Weddell; German: Weddellsittich; Spanish: Aratinga cabecifusca
Taxonomy: Conurus Weddellii Deville, 1851, Pebas, upper Amazon, Peru.
Synonyms: Aratinga weddelli (Deville, 1851)

Dusky parrot
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