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Rough Frog (Cyclorana verrucosa) - Wiki
Subject: Rough Frog (Cyclorana verrucosa) - Wiki
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Rough Frog (Cyclorana verrucosa) - Wiki

Rough Frog
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[Photo] Rough Frog (Cyclorana verrucosa). Date: 07-10-2006. Author: Donna Flynn

The Rough Frog (Cyclorana verrucosa) is a burrowing frog native to New South Wales and Queensland, Australia.

Physical description
The large frog is rotund, with large eyes; it reaches a length of 4.9 centimetres (1.9 in). It has small, stumpy arms and long powerful legs. The dorsal surface of the Rough Frog can be from grey-brown to a bright green. Small dark spots are present on the back. The skin is warty, hence the name "Rough Frog". A dark band runs from the snout, through the eye and tympanum, and to the shoulder. A pale line runs down the centre of the back. The ventral surface is white, and granular.

The Rough Frogs' hands are unwebbed and the feet are webbed at the base. The tympanum is visible, and it lacks toe pads.

Ecology and behaviour
The Rough Frog is a member of the genus Cyclorana, and as such, is a burrowing frog. The frogs will burrowing during dry periods, and emerge to breed and feed after extended periods of rain. The males call from temporary water sources, inlcuding creeks and ponds; the call is a long, moaning growl. The eggs are laid in large clumps. The tadpoles develop fast in the warmer months to avoid death from the water drying up.
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Cyclorana verrucosa
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