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Common Collared Lizard (Crotaphytus collaris) - Wiki
Subject: Common Collared Lizard (Crotaphytus collaris) - Wiki
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Common Collared Lizard (Crotaphytus collaris) - Wiki

Common Collared Lizard
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[Photo] This is a pair of Crotaphytus collaris (collared lizards), a female in the foreground and a male with "aquaflame" coloration in the background. Photo by Koreth. Date: March 12, 2004.

The Oklahoma Collared Lizard or Collared Lizard, Crotaphytus collaris, is a North American lizard that can be up to a foot (30 cm) long, with a large head and powerful jaws. They are well known for the ability to run on their hind legs, looking like small dinosaurs. The collared lizard is the "state reptile" of the United States state of Oklahoma, where it is known as the Mountain Boomer. The name "collared lizard" comes from the lizards' distinct coloration, which includes bands of black around the neck and shoulders that look like a collar. It is a member of the collared lizard family.

These reptiles are often tamed and kept as pets. When born in captivity, they are quite docile and tolerant of interaction with humans. They are very active lizards, requiring a large amount of space to run. They prefer high temperatures, typically 105-110°F (40-43°C) at their basking spot and 80°F (26°C) elsewhere in their habitat during the day. Some collared lizards eat small amounts of fruit or vegetables, but most prefer a diet of insects. Like many reptiles, in captivity they must be provided a diet supplemented with extra calcium and a light source with ample UVB radiation to reduce the risk of bone disorders.

The origin of the name "mountain boomer" is not clear, but it may date back to settlers travelling west during the Gold Rush. One theory is that settlers mistook the sound of wind in canyons for the call of an animal in an area where the collared lizard was abundant. In reality, collared lizards are silent.

These animals are possibly best known for their speed. Like the frilled lizard and basilisk, collared lizards can run on their hind legs for long periods of time. Record speeds have been around 35 mi/h.
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Common lizard
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