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Temminck's tragopan (Tragopan temminckii)
Subject: Temminck's tragopan (Tragopan temminckii)
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Tragopan satyra, ZOO Praha 158 - Temminck's tragopan (Tragopan temminckii).jpg
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Temminck's tragopan (Tragopan temminckii)

Čeština: Satyr Temminckův v pražské Zoo
Date 26 March 2010
Source Own work
Author Matěj Baťha

The Temminck's tragopan (Tragopan temminckii) is a medium-sized, approximately 64 cm long, pheasant in the genus Tragopan. The male is a stocky red-and-orange bird with white-spotted plumage, black bill and pink legs. It has a bare blue facial skin, inflatable dark-blue lappet and horns. The female is a white-spotted brown bird with blue circular eye skin. Its appearance resembles the satyr tragopan, but unlike the latter species it has all red upperbody plumage and orange collar. The diet consists mainly of berries, grass and plants. The Temminck's tragopan is distributed in forests of northern South Asia, from northeast India, northwest Vietnam, and northern provinces of China. This bird's common name and Latin binomial commemorate the Dutch naturalist Coenraad Jacob Temminck. Order: Galliformes, Family: Phasianidae, Subfamily: Phasianinae.

Coenraad jacob temminck
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