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Hawaiian Sea-moth fish (Eurypegasus papilio)
Subject: Hawaiian Sea-moth fish (Eurypegasus papilio)
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Hawaiian Sea-moth fish (Eurypegasus papilio)

Author Charles Henry Gilbert (1859–1928)
English: Pegasus papilio, new species. Type
Subject: Gasterosteiformes, Pegasidae, Pegasus
Tag: Fish
Date 1905
English: Gilbert, Charles Henry (1905) Deep Sea Fishes : Aquatic Resources of the Hawaiian Islands, Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission, vol. 23 for 1903, part 2, Washington, DC: Government Printing Office

The Hawaiian Sea-moth fish (Eurypegasus papilio) is a species of fish in the Pegasidae family. It is endemic to Hawaii.
Order: Gasterosteiformes
Family: Pegasidae
Genus: Eurypegasus
Species: Eurypegasus papilio (C. H. Gilbert, 1905)

Charles henry gilbert
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