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Wels catfish
Subject: Wels catfish
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Wels catfish

The European wels catfish (Silurus glanis) is the largest of the catfish family, growing to 16.6ft/5 m, and weighing as much as 726lbs/330 kg. Extreme Science has been unable to verify this record.

that is a sturgen not a wels
Those old stories about giant wels catfish are nothing but tell-tales and big-fish-stories. The biggest recorded specimen was 2,78m and weighed 144kg. There are also no indications that wels catfish reach extraordinary sizes in Russia, there is nothing more than the old stories, and they are in complete contrast to the actual facts.
And this is no wels at all, this is a sturgeon of the species Huso huso.
There are wels catchfish. look up european wels catchfish. They are hugh. They are not scared of anything. They wait for you to enter the water. Then they will attack,and eat anything. there are some real smart people. That really know what they are talking about.
holy crap that is a huge catfish
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captain morgan
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