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Blacktip shark (Carcharhinus limbatus)
Subject: Blacktip shark (Carcharhinus limbatus)
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Blacktip shark (Carcharhinus limbatus)

Carcharias phorcys Jordan & Evermann

Carcharias limbatus syn. C. phorcys
Subject: Sharks, Carcharias
Date 1905
Source/Photographer David Starr Jordan; Barton Warren Evermann (1905) Shore Fishes of the Hawaiian Islands, With a General Account of the Fish Fauna, Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission, vol. 23 for 1903, part I, Washington, DC: Government Printing Office

The blacktip shark (Carcharhinus limbatus) is a species of requiem shark, and part of the family Carcharhinidae. It is common to coastal tropical and subtropical waters around the world, including brackish habitats. Swift, energetic piscivores, blacktip sharks are known to make spinning leaps out of the water while attacking schools of small fish. Their demeanor has been described as "timid" compared to other large requiem sharks.

Order: Carcharhiniformes
Family: Carcharhinidae
Genus: Carcharhinus
Species: Carcharhinus limbatus (J. P. Müller & Henle, 1839)
    Carcharias abbreviatus Klunzinger, 1871
    Carcharias aethalorus Jordan & Gilbert, 1882
    Carcharias ehrenbergi Klunzinger, 1871
    Carcharias maculipinna Günther, 1868
    Carcharias microps Lowe, 1841
    Carcharias muelleri Steindachner, 1867
    Carcharias phorcys Jordan & Evermann, 1903
    Carcharias pleurotaenia Bleeker, 1852
    Carcharhinus natator Meek & Hildebrand, 1923

Carcharias limbatus
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