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Eighty-eight Butterfly (Diaethria sp.) <!--팔팔나비-->
Subject: Eighty-eight Butterfly (Diaethria sp.)
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Eighty-eight Butterfly (Diaethria sp.)

From: Garth Price
Subject: "88" butterfly
Date: Wed, 01 Jan 1997 14:43:19 -0800

The Diaethria species are known as the 88 butterfly because many have the number 88 on their underside wings. We receive a few slightly different species. Origin: South America.

I love this butterfly! I just found out about it yesterday but today I wanted to find out more about this butterfly and about cramer! I have a necklace with the wing of the butterfly and it has an 89 on it instead of 88 but I love it since you can flip the necklace around to put it on the butterflies other side!
P.S. Do you know any history about this butterfly OR cramer!! If you do you should put it onto here also, so people know about it!
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