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Spotted Dolphin (Stenella sp.)
Subject: Spotted Dolphin (Stenella sp.)
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Spotted Dolphin (Stenella sp.)

From: "JR"
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Subject: Uncorrupted: By request, dolphins: Wild pair in Caribbean 45kb delfin02.jpg:
Date: 17 Nov 1999 06:21:16 GMT

For some unknown reason, all but one of my replies with images
showed up corrupted. Here they are as non-reply posts.

> Hi
> Looking for Dolphin picture

Repost of Paddydiver's ABIU dolphin pics from early October.

JR <>< a.b.i.u. creator/admin


The Atlantic Spotted Dolphin (Stenella frontalis) is a dolphin found in the Gulf Stream of the North Atlantic Ocean. Older members of the species have a very distinctive spotted coloration all over their body.
Scientific Name: Stenella frontalis (G. Cuvier, 1829)
Common Names:
English – Atlantic Spotted Dolphin, Bridled Dolphin
French – Dauphin Tacheté De L'Atlantique
Spanish – Delfín Manchado Del Atlántico, Delfín Pintado
Synonyms: Stenella plagiodon Cope, 1866

Bridled dolphin
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