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Pheasant - Golden
Subject: Pheasant - Golden
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Pheasant - Golden

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꿩류의 한글명

Satyr Tragopan 흰점박이 주계
Blyth's Tragopan 회색 주계
Temminck's Tragopan 홍주계
Cabot's Tragopan 케벗 주계
Himalayan Monal (Impeyan) 무지개 꿩
Chinese Monal 중국비단 꿩
Indian Red Junglefowl 적색 야계
Green Junglefowl 녹색 야계
Nepal Kalij 네팔 꿩
Swinhoe's Pheasant 산계
Edward's Pheasant 소산계
Imperial Pheasant 황제 꿩
True Silver Pheasant 백한
The Malay Crestless Fireback 말레이 부채꼬리 꿩
Lesser Bornean Crested Fireback 보르네오 붉은허리 꿩
Vieillot's Crested Fireback 말레이 붉은허리 꿩
Bornean Crestless Fireback 보르네오 부채꼬리 꿩
Siamese Fireback 호백한
Bulwer's Wattled Pheasant 와틸드꿩
White Eared Pheasant 흰귀 꿩 (백색화계)
Brown Eared Pheasant 갈색귀 꿩 (갈색화계)
Blue eared Pheasant 푸른귀 꿩 (청색화계)
Elliot's Pheasant 엘리엇츠꿩
Hume's Bar-Tailed Pheasant 버마 꿩
Mikado Pheasant 미카도 꿩
Ijima's Copper Pheasant 이지마 구리빛 꿩
Reeves' Pheasant 긴 꼬리 꿩
Korean Ring-Necked Pheasant 한국꿩
Golden Pheasant 금계
Lady Amherst's Pheasant 은계
Rothschild's Peacock Pheasant 로츠차일드 쇠공작
Grey Peacock Pheasant 회색 쇠공작
Vietnamese Pheasant 베트남꿩
Palawan Peacock Pheasant 파라완 쇠공작
Rheinart's Crested Argus 레이날츠 아르고스
Malay Great Argus 말레이 그레잇 아르고스
Indian Peafowl 청공작
Javanese Green Peafowl 자바 진공작
hello im wondering how much are your adult indian blue peafowl, or if you dont have any adults, how much are your 2005s? also do you have any adult palawan peacock pheasants for sale and how much would a pair be?

Blue copper
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