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St. Louis Zoo - snake02.jpg [1/1]
Subject: St. Louis Zoo - snake02.jpg [1/1]
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StLouisZoo-Snakes02-Blood Python-Eating white rat-by S Thomas Lewis.jpg
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St. Louis Zoo - snake02.jpg [1/1]

I am not sure of type of snake. This one is eating a rat. Comments ======== From: File To Comment: animal1/StLouisZoo-Snakes01-BoaConstrictors.jpg The snakes pictured are Blood Pythons, check VPI Python (breeders)

Scientific Name: Python brongersmai Stull, 1938
Common Names: Brongersma's Short-tailed Python, Blood Python, Red Short-tailed Python, Red Blood Python
Synonyms: Python curtus ssp. brongersmai Stull, 1938
Taxonomic Notes: This species was long recognized as a subspecies of P. curtus (as P. c. brongersmai), but was elevated to a full species by Keogh et al. (2001) on the basis of its morphological and genetic distinctiveness.

Blood python
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