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Borneo python (Python breitensteini)
Subject: Borneo python (Python breitensteini)
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Borneo python (Python breitensteini)

A Borneo Short-tailed Python at the Mendoza Serpentarium, Argentina. The colorful skin has made it a target for poaching. In context at
Date 10 March 2014, 18:45
Source Python breitensteini
Author Dick Culbert from Gibsons, B.C., Canada

Scientific Name: Python breitensteini
Species Authority: Steindachner, 1881
Common Names: Bornean Short-tailed Python, Borneo python, Bornean short python, Borneo short-tailed python, Borneo blood python
Synonyms: Python curtus ssp. breitensteini Steindachner, 1881

Blood python
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