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Dark Chanting Goshawk (Melierax metabates) - Wiki
Subject: Dark Chanting Goshawk (Melierax metabates) - Wiki
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Dark Chanting Goshawk (Melierax metabates) - Wiki

Dark Chanting Goshawk
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Order: Falconiformes
Family: Accipitridae

[Photo] Dark Chanting-Goshawk, Melierax metabates. Photographed in Awash NP in Ethiopia, Nov 1999. Scanned from a slide. Source: Flickr ( Author: Pia's birdseye view (

The Dark Chanting Goshawk (Melierax metabates) is a bird of prey in the family Accipitridae. The Accipitridae also include many other diurnal raptors such as kites, eagles and harriers.

This hawk breeds in sub-Saharan Africa, but avoids the rain forests of the Congo basin. There is a small and declining isolated population in Morocco.

It is a resident species of tropical and subtropical savannah. It builds a stick nest in a tree and lays one or two eggs. It eats a variety of vertebrate prey and large insects.

Dark Chanting Goshawk is a large long-tailed broad-winged hawk, with a 105cm wingspan. It is slate-grey above and white with fine barring below. The tail is black and white. In flight, the wings are grey with black tips. The flight is stiff and mechanical.

This species derives its name from the breeding season song, which consists of chanted flutes and whistles.
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