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Pale Chanting Goshawk (Melierax canorus) - Wiki
Subject: Pale Chanting Goshawk (Melierax canorus) - Wiki
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Pale Chanting Goshawk (Melierax canorus) - Wiki

Pale Chanting Goshawk
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Order: Falconiformes
Family: Accipitridae

[Photo] Pale Chanting Goshawk (Melierax canorus). Author: Alastair Rae. Source:

The Pale Chanting Goshawk (Melierax canorus) is a bird of prey in the family Accipitridae.

This hawk breeds in eastern and southern sub-Saharan Africa. The northeastern subspecies is sometimes separated as the Eastern Chanting Goshawk Melierax poliopterus, in which case the southern form becomes Southern Pale Chanting Goshawk. It is a resident species of dry, open semi-desert with 75 cm or less annual rainfall. It is commonly seen perched on roadside telephone poles.

This species is 43???56 cm long. The adult has grey upperparts with a white rump. The central tail feathers are black tipped with white, and the outer feathers are barred grey and white. The head and upper breast are pale grey; the rest of the underparts are finely barred in dark grey and white. Its eyes are red, the bill is mostly red, and it has long red legs. It is paler than the grey-rumped Dark Chanting Goshawk, Melierax metabates.

In flight, the adult has black primary flight feathers, very pale grey (white from a distance) secondaries, and grey forewings. The wingspan is about 105 cm.

Immatures have brown upperparts, with a white rump and black bars on the tail. From below, the flight feathers and tail are white with black barring, the throat is dark-streaked white, and the rest of the underparts are rufous.

The Pale Chanting Goshawk eats a variety of vertebrate prey???mainly lizards, but also small mammals and birds???and large insects. It often walks on the ground.

This is generally a rather quiet bird, but during the breeding season the male makes a series of tuneful whistling calls kleeuu, kleeuu-ku-ku-ku from a tree-top perch.

The relatively small stick nest is built in an acacia at a height of 3 to 10 m. The female lays and incubates one or two pale bluish or greenish white, unmarked eggs. Only one chick is normally reared from a nest of two. The young after leaving the nest may be found near it for some months and in the following year may even display in the same area.
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