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More birds --> American Goldfinch
Subject: More birds --> American Goldfinch
Poster: Mark Cassino (
CassinoPhoto-Bird b22-American Goldfinch-perching on tree.jpg
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More birds --> American Goldfinch

here are some more diverse birds --

b01 -- Tufted titmouse
b02, b03 -- house sparrow
b04 -- American goldfinch (winter plumage)
b05, b06 -- house sparrow
b07 -- tufted titmouse
b08 -- leucistic black capped chickadee. (This individual is a partial
albino -- rather rare for this species of bird.)
b09 -- tufted titmouse
b10 -- downy woodpecker
b11 -- American goldfinch
b12 -- mourning dove
b13 -- house sparrow
b14 -- American goldfinch
b15 -- downy woodpecker
b16 -- house finch (male)
b17 -- American goldfinch
b18, b19, b20, b21 -- house sparrows
b22 -- American goldfinch
b23 -- house sparrow
b24 -- American goldfinch
b25 -- house sparrow
b26 -- American goldfinch
b27 -- house finch

My January page was a review of prior images so you have them all. The
latest update will be in place probably March 17 with more images of the
usual characters.

Later --


Mark Cassino kindly sent these images to me.

His website has more bird and insect images mostly
taken at his backyard.


Black goldfinch
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