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Picture of Spotted Hyaena spoor
Subject: Picture of Spotted Hyaena spoor
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Picture of Spotted Hyaena spoor

Picture of Spotted Hyaena spoor

Predator Conservation Trust: Spotted Hyena information

Studies in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater areas of Tanzania observed the
Spotted Hyena preying on a wide variety of species. Wildebeest were the
most commonly hunted species, with Zebra and antelope such as the Thompson's
Gazelle also making up a significant proportion of their diet. Spotted
Hyena have also been observed killing and eating Hares, Waterbuck, Eland,
Buffalo, porcupine, snakes, warthogs, domestic cattle, Lion, other Spotted
Hyena, black rhino, Hippo, tortoise and many more species. Hyena don't
just eat meat however, and have been observed fishing, eating ostrich eggs,
vegetables, fruit, insects and
even dung ! Spotted Hyena are also well known for chewing anything they
find, including tyres on parked aircraft or vehicles, tin cans, shoes and boots,
and anything else they find - including in at least one case, chewing through
the brake line of a researchers land rover while she was studying their
behaviour (Jane van Lawick Goodall). When they come across an ostrich nest
containing eggs the spotted hyena kicks an egg till it hits one of the other
eggs hard enough to break it open so it can consume the egg. In contrast
the brown hyena is able to bite the eggs open even though it has slightly less
powerful jaws.
Spotted Hyaena spoor - front and back paws.

Spotted hyaenas are considered the most sociable of the carnivores and lives in
large groups called "clans" which have a complex social structure. The clan has
a strict dominance Hierarchy. The females are dominant over the males and they
all defend their territory, which can range from 40km to over a 1,000 square
kilometres. Even the lowest ranking female is dominant over the highest-ranking
male. Young females stay in the clan and the males usual disperse at around two
and a half years. Even though a clan's size maybe as large as 80 individuals
they often forage alone or in small groups. The clan is normally seen together
at a den site or at large kills.

Black buffalo
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