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Caracal (Caracal caracal) <!--사막스라소니/카라칼-->
Subject: Caracal (Caracal caracal)
cst neg2003 18-Caracal.jpg
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Caracal (Caracal caracal)

From: (PontiacV8)
Subject: The Cat Survival Trust - cst_neg2003_18.jpg (133.95 KB)
Date: 6 Oct 1999 19:31:21 GMT

Taken at The Cat Survival Trust, Welwyn, UK.
No commercial use permitted.
Please ask before reposting or re-use. Thankyou.
These pix and more at -

From: PontiacV8
Subject: New series - The Cat Survival Trust
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999 20:19:38 +0100

Hiya to all!

Well, my ISDN is back on line, so I'd better hurry and get these pix posted.

This set were taken back in March of this year, at the Cat Survival
Trust in Codicote, Hertfordshire. UK. Run by Terry Moore, his wife, a
few volunteers, and Cato the loveable Snow Leopard, they take big cats
that are unwanted from zoos and private collections, or that have been
confiscated from unlicensed owners.

Also, they take on older cats. Many of the pictures you'll see, the cats
look very deschevelled. I can assure you they are treated and kept to a
very high standard, but many of them are old. One of the Bobcats
pictured (with the misty eye) is over 20 years old! They are often kept
in pairs or groups (except for a few unsociable types), and I think this
is a good way for them to end their years, in peace, with company.

Terry has a web page at :-

a very informative site, because it has a list and detailed description
of all the species of wild cat, and a listing of nearly every zoo in the
world that keeps cats, and what those cats are. Well worth a look.

Yours, Pont.

Indexes to follow first.

Visit the PontiacV8 website at
Big Cat Pix, My own critters, Links etc.

Terry Forshaw
Hi, We would like to usse this caracal photo in a book called Big Cats for a section on threats and conservation. We would also need a larger digital file. Would that be possible?

I look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes

Big cat
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