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True Lemurs (Lemuridae) - Wiki
Subject: True Lemurs (Lemuridae) - Wiki
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True Lemurs (Lemuridae) - Wiki

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[Photo] Crowned Lemur (Eulemur coronatus). Daniel Montagnon PhD. E-Mail:

Lemuridae is one of the four families of lemurs and are part of a class of primates known as prosimians. These animals are the evolutionary predecessors of monkeys and apes (simians).

Genus Lemur has only one member: Lemur catta, or the Ring-tailed Lemur. It is easily recognized by its black and white striped tail, and is found in many zoos.

Lemurs get their name from the Ancient Roman belief that they were ghosts or spirits. They were mistaken for specters (spirits) because many species are nocturnal.

Suborder Strepsirrhini: non-tarsier prosimians