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Barface cardinalfishes
Subject: Barface cardinalfishes
Poster: Jinsuk Kim (
Resolution: 1600x1200 File Size: 273862 Bytes Date: 2004:05:13 21:20:53 Camera: MAVICA (SONY) F number: f/2.8 Exposure: 1/30 sec Focal Length: 139/10 cm Upload Date: 2004:05:17 11:30:14

Barface cardinalfishes

Barface cardinalfish (Apogon semilineatus / Apogonidae).

Postcard Series "Marine Fishes Around Cheju Island"
Photo by Sun-myoung Lee,
Publisher: HYON AM Publishing Co.

Caption on the opposite side
"줄도화돔 Barface cardinalfish, Bottom perch
Apogon semilineatus
주둥이 끝에서 눈으로 통하는 세로 줄무늬의 꼬리자루와 검은 점이 특징적이다.
?? 이선명 . 1998"

현암사 우편엽서 "제주바다물고기 2"를 촬영.

줄도화돔 - Barface cardinalfish (Apogon semilineatus / Apogonidae)

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