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Dama Gazelle (Gazella dama) - Wiki
Subject: Dama Gazelle (Gazella dama) - Wiki
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Dama Gazelle (Gazella dama) - Wiki

Dama Gazelle
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[Photo] Dama Gazelle (Gazella dama). Photographer: Mak Thorpe, taken 16 September 2006 at Honolulu Zoo.

The Dama Gazelle (Gazella dama), also known as the Addra Gazelle, is a species of gazelle. It lives in Africa in the Sahara desert and migrates south in search of food during the dry season. After the rains return and the desert plants turn green, they move north back to the Sahara. Poaching and destruction of their habitat have greatly diminished their numbers, and they no longer live in large herds.

It is white with a tannish-brown head and neck. The Dama Gazelle also has a subspecies, the Mhorr Gazelle, Gazella dama mhorr, which is extinct in the wild. Its numbers have fallen by 80% over the last decade, and the Dama Gazelle is now listed as Critically Endangered.
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Addra gazelle
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