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Subject: Siamang
Poster: Axis (
Resolution: 339x509 File Size: 116882 Bytes Date: 2015:09:21 13:33:54 Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II (Canon) F number: f/4.0 Exposure: 1/125 sec Focal Length: 105/1 Upload Date: 2017:07:20 21:54:28


Siamang, large, black, arboreal, diurnal ape of Sumatra and Malaysia. More robust than the related gibbon, it has an inflatable, hairless throat sac, used to produce a booming call. It swings strongly from branch to branch and eats fruit, leaves and flowers. Length: to 55cm. Family Hylobatidae; species Hylobates syndactylus.

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