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Jungle owlet (Glaucidium radiatum)
Subject: Jungle owlet (Glaucidium radiatum)
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Jungle owlet (Glaucidium radiatum)

The jungle owlet (Glaucidium radiatum) is a small owlet, measuring 20 to 22 cm in length and weighing 90 to 120 grams.

The adult jungle owlet has round head and fine barring all over the body. The head, back and wings are brownish gray with white barring. The facial disc is indistinct and barred brown and cream. The subspecies Glaucidium radiatum malabaricum are more brownish.

These owlets have distinct white eyebrows. The tail is blackish brown with narrow white barring. The underparts are paler with broad brownish gray barring.

The bill is pale gray and curved. The irises are yellow. The legs are pale gray. Their call is a loud, barbet-like trilling "prao..prao..prao" sound.

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