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Masked shining parrot (Prosopeia personata)
Subject: Masked shining parrot (Prosopeia personata)
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Masked shining parrot (Prosopeia personata)

The masked shining parrot (Prosopeia personata) is a large, long-tailed parrot found only on one island, in Fiji. This colourful bird has vibrant green plumage over most of its body, with a stunning orange-yellow breast and belly. It has sooty-black colouration around its beak and eyes, and striking blue feathers at the tips of its wings. The masked shining-parrot’s tail is green with a blue wash, and is darker underneath.

The masked shining parrot has a grey-black beak and feet, and distinctive orange-red eyes. In contrast to the adults, young individuals have a horn-coloured beak, and have brown eyes and less black on the face.

The calls of the masked shining parrot include a variety of loud, grating squawks and screeches, which are produced while the bird is perched and also when it is in flight.

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