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Crowned eagle (Buteogallus coronatus)
Subject: Crowned eagle (Buteogallus coronatus)
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Crowned eagle (Buteogallus coronatus)

Also known as the crowned solitary eagle, the crowned eagle (Buteogallus coronatus) is a large, powerful bird of prey of open habitats in eastern and southern South America. A predominantly slaty-grey bird, it is named for the prominent and distinctive crest of blackish feathers on its head.

The wings of the crowned eagle are long, broad and slightly darker than the rest of the body, while the relatively short tail is black with a conspicuous white band and a white tip. The undersides of the wings are grey, with black wing tips and black trailing edges. The crowned eagle can also be recognized by its yellow legs and feet, bluish-horn beak and yellow cere.

The male and female crowned eagle are similar in appearance, but juvenile birds are browner above with a cream-coloured head, dark stripe behind the eye, and creamy-white underparts that are streaked with brown. Like the adult, the juvenile crowned eagle has a prominent crest on the head.

The crowned eagle resembles the closely related solitary eagle (Buteogallus solitarius) in appearance, and the two birds have sometimes been considered to be the same species. However, the crowned eagle is larger than the solitary eagle and has paler plumage, narrower wings, a longer tail and a clear crest.

The call of the crowned eagle is a long, powerful, high-pitched whistle.

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