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Banteng (Bos javanicus)
Subject: Banteng (Bos javanicus)
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Banteng (Bos javanicus)

The handsome banteng largely resembles domestic cattle both in size and colour, but also demonstrates considerable sexual dimorphism, allowing the sexes to be readily distinguished. Mature males have a dark, chestnut-brown coat, more blue-black in the Javan and Bornean individuals, while females and juveniles are reddish brown, with a dark dorsal stripe. The horns of females are short, tightly curved and point inward at the tips, whereas those of males are long, upwardly arching and connected by a horn-like bald patch on the forehead. Both sexes have the characteristic white ‘stockings’ on their lower legs, a white rump and muzzle, and white spots above the eyes. A gentle hump exists above the shoulders, and a slight ridge runs along the back.

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