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Papuan hornbill (Aceros plicatus)
Subject: Papuan hornbill (Aceros plicatus)
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Papuan hornbill (Aceros plicatus)

With its large, curved bill; yellow and brown, bony casque and reported laugh-like call, the Papuan hornbill is somewhat of a peculiar bird. The male is made even more unusual in appearance by the reddish-orange or golden-yellow plumage that surrounds the head and neck. Females differ by having a black head and neck. Both sexes have a largely black body, except for the contrasting short, white tail, and the bare, bluish-white skin around the eyes and throat. They also have red eyes, although those of the male are far brighter. The variety of honking and grunting calls of the Papuan hornbill are believed to have led to reports of this bird laughing.

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