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Pharaoh eagle owl (Bubo ascalaphus)
Subject: Pharaoh eagle owl (Bubo ascalaphus)
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Pharaoh eagle owl (Bubo ascalaphus)

One of the smaller eagle owl species, the pharaoh eagle owl is an attractive bird of prey with striking, large orange-yellow eyes and mottled plumage. The head and upperparts are tawny and densely marked with black and creamy-white streaks and blotches, while the underparts are pale creamy-white, with black streaks on the upper breast and fine reddish-brown vermiculations on the lower breast and belly. The face has the disc-like form typical of most owls, defined by a dark rim, the robust bill is black and hooked, and the head is crowned with small ear tufts. There are two recognized subspecies of pharaoh eagle owl, Bubo ascalaphus ascalaphus and Bubo ascalaphus desertorum, the latter being smaller and paler with sandier colouration.

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