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Vermilion snapper (Rhomboplites aurorubens)
Subject: Vermilion snapper (Rhomboplites aurorubens)
Poster: Axis (
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Resolution: 507x338 File Size: 60902 Bytes Date: 2006:12:14 23:35:11 Camera: NIKON D80 (NIKON CORPORATION) F number: f/20.0 Exposure: 10/600 sec Focal Length: 310/10 Upload Date: 2018:06:14 10:08:35

Vermilion snapper (Rhomboplites aurorubens)

The vermilion snapper occurs in the western Atlantic from Bermuda and North Carolina to Brazil, including the West Indies. It inhabits moderately deep water over rock, gravel or sand bottom near the edge of the continental shelf and around island shelves. This snapper has a short snout and a small mouth. It feeds on fish, crustaceans and benthic invertebrates.

The upper head, body and dorsal and tail fins of this species are light red to salmon in color, which fades to silver on the lower body. There are thin diagonal lines on the upper body that are formed by rows of tiny blue dots.

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