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Common flying lizard (Draco volans)
Subject: Common flying lizard (Draco volans)
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Common flying lizard (Draco volans)

The common flying lizard is characterized by a large set of "wings" along the sides of the body, which are used for flight. These are supported by elongated ribs. They also have a gular flap called a dewlap, which is located under the head. This tissue is used during displays. The body is very depressed and elongate. The male flying lizard is approximately 195 mm in length while the female is 212 mm. This includes the length of the long slender tail which is approximately 114 mm on males and 132 mm on females. The species is distinguished from other Dracos by the rows of rectangular brown spots on the top of the wing membranes, and black spots on the bottom of the wing. The male Draco has a long pointed dewlap, which is bright yellow. They also have bluish colour on the ventral side of the wings, and brown on the dorsal side. Females are slightly different in that the dewlap is smaller and bluish grey. Also, the ventral side of the wings is yellow.

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