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Malayan pit viper (Calloselasma rhodostoma)
Subject: Malayan pit viper (Calloselasma rhodostoma)
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Malayan pit viper (Calloselasma rhodostoma)

The Malayan pit viper is widely distributed across Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam but occurs only at the extreme north of Peninsular Malaysia. The snout is sharp and pointed with a cream postocular stripe that extends to the neck, while the dorsum is coated with a row of triangular brown markings. The base colour ranges from rusty to yellowish-brown. Females are larger than males, laying large clutches up to 30 eggs. This terrestrial viper species is regarded as causing the most fatalities in Peninsular Malaysia, and accounts for the largest percentage of venomous bites requiring hospitalization. In the wild, they hunt and feed on lizards, frogs and small mammals.

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