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Little eagle (Hieraaetus morphnoides)
Subject: Little eagle (Hieraaetus morphnoides)
Poster: Shahril (
Little eagle.jpg
Resolution: 473x612 File Size: 100928 Bytes Date: 2009:01:30 06:56:57 Camera: Canon EOS 30D (Canon) F number: f/6.3 Exposure: 1/1000 sec Focal Length: 400/1 Upload Date: 2019:06:24 10:25:14

Little eagle (Hieraaetus morphnoides)

The little eagle is a small, powerful, stocky eagle, with a short broad head and moderately long tail, square-cut at the tip when closed. The legs are heavily feathered. When perched, the little eagle has a short crest. Plumage varies from light to dark brown, with a pale broken 'M' across the upperparts, which is visible from a distance. There is also a pale M-shaped band on the underwing. It has long broad wings, spanning over 1m, with dark 'fingered' tips. It soars in tight circles, very high on thermals or updraughts, gliding on flat wings. The female is larger than the male.

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