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귀제비, red-rumped swallow (Cecropis daurica) (119Kb)
Subject: 귀제비, red-rumped swallow (Cecropis daurica) (119Kb)
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귀제비, red-rumped swallow (Cecropis daurica) (119Kb)

이름: 귀제비
학명: Hirundo daurica
영명: Red-rumped Swallow
분류: 제비과(Hirundinidae)
출처: "한국의 조류", 원병오, 1993, 교학사

우리나라에는 여름에 찾아오는 나그네새.


The red-rumped swallow (Cecropis daurica), known as 귀제비 in Korean, is a small passerine bird found in temperate southern Europe and Asia. Cecropis daurica breeds in open hilly areas, ranging from Portugal and Spain to Japan, India, Sri Lanka, and tropical Africa. While Indian and African populations are resident, European and other Asian birds are migratory. These swallows have blue upperparts, dusky underparts, and pale or reddish rumps, faces, and neck collars. They build quarter-sphere nests with mud and lay 3 to 6 eggs. Red-rumped swallows are fast fliers, swooping on insects while airborne. They adapt to nesting on cliffs, buildings, and bridges, and are gregarious outside the breeding season. Their wintering grounds include Africa and India, and they occasionally appear as vagrants in Christmas Island and northern Australia.
Order: Passeriformes > Family: Hirundinidae > Genus: Cecropis > Species: Cecropis daurica

귀제비 Hirundo daurica (Red-rumped Swallow) - 제비과(Hirundinidae)

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