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Ancient Oversized Armadillo-Like Species Discovered [LiveScience 2007-12-12]
Resolution: 650x487
Some shells from Ireland - Img0091.jpg
Resolution: 698x456
Poster: Martin Kramer (
Beautiful New Snail Discovered Deep Underground [LiveScience 2013-09-13]
Resolution: 1000x667
Tool-Using Fish Caught for First Time on Video [LiveScience 2011-09-29]
Resolution: 642x475
Mystery of Fast-Spreading Snails Solved [LiveScience 2011-07-05]
Resolution: 475x599
Mussels Evolve Quickly To Defend Against Invasive Crabs [ScienceDaily 2006-08-11]
Resolution: 300x224
Giant Clam (Tridacna gigas) - Wiki
Resolution: 450x600
Anadara granosa, Cockle, Ark Shell
Resolution: 283x188
Yangtze giant soft-shell turtle (Rafetus swinhoei)
Resolution: 600x367
Hermit Crab in Shell stock photo
Resolution: 357x500

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