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Rough-toothed Dolphin - Steno bredanensis
Resolution: 300x335
Rough-toothed dolphins (Steno bredanensis) are rarely observed at
Resolution: 340x240
Rough-toothed dolphin
Resolution: 400x357
Whale Album: Giants of the Deep [LiveScience 2013-03-20]
Resolution: 1000x667
서귀포 해안서 희귀 뱀머리돌고래 추정 사체 발견 [연합뉴스 2013-09-05]
Resolution: 500x342
False killer whales and rough-toothed dolphins riding ship's bow.
Resolution: 650x488
영양결핍 `뱀머리돌고래` 폐사 원인, 국내 최초 확인 [이데일리 2010-03-13]
Resolution: 540x359
Toothed Whale (Order: Cetacea, Suborder: Odontoceti) - Wiki
Resolution: 2587x1709
More Than Half of Stranded Bottlenose Dolphins May Be Deaf [LiveScience 2013-07-31]
Resolution: 620x413
rought-toothed dolphin. (c) alison roberts.
Resolution: 206x150

rough-toothed dolphin
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