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Globetrotting Black Rat Genes Reveal Spread Of Humans And Diseases [ScienceDaily 2008-02-06]
Resolution: 300x221
Black Rat (Rattus rattus) - Wiki
Resolution: 238x184
House Rat (Rattus rattus)
Resolution: 401x268
Poster: Kim Jinsuk (
곰쥐 (동물이름사전)
Resolution: 500x281
Poster: Administrator (
The poorly-known endemic Prince Ruspoli's Turaco is endangered through forest clearance (Nik Borrow). For a selection of other photographs from Ethiopia, please see the 2009 tour description.
Resolution: 395x328
Short-beaked Echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus) - Wiki
Resolution: 1600x1067

roof rat
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