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Tiny Bones Rewrite Textbooks: First New Zealand Land Mammal Fossil [ScienceDaily 2006-12-14]
Resolution: 300x354
Fossil of Ancient Hairy Creature Reveals Clues About Mammal Ancestors [LiveScience 2013-08-07]
Resolution: 1000x714
In Photos: Mammals Through Time [LiveScience 2013-02-07]
Resolution: 800x944
Dino Demise Led to Evolutionary Explosion of Huge Mammals [LiveScience 2010-11-25]
Resolution: 650x339
Hippo-like Mammals Once Basked in Toasty Arctic [LiveScience 2010-09-10]
Resolution: 400x257
New Shrew-Like Mammal Discovered in Tanzania [Discovery 2008-01-31]
Resolution: 540x380
Mammal fossil, New Zealand [AP 2006-12-21]
Resolution: 379x301
Mammal fossil, New Zealand [AP 2006-12-21]
Resolution: 380x316
Small Furry Mammal Was Capable Of Gliding Flight Possibly Before Birds [ScienceDaily 2006-12-18]
Resolution: 300x400
Mammal Evolution Took No Great Leap, Study Suggests [LiveScience 2013-08-27]
Resolution: 1100x696

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