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Caterpillars Build Leaf 'Houses,' Other Insects Move In [LiveScience 2013-02-20]
Resolution: 886x961
Can Moths Or Butterflies Remember What They Learned As Caterpillars? [ScienceDaily 2008-03-04]
Resolution: 300x449
Mourning Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa) - spiny elm caterpillar
Resolution: 1146x756
Braconid Wasp Larvae (1/1) - out of a moth caterpillar
Resolution: 693x1024
Poster: Kim Jinsuk (
Caterpillar Can Hop for 3 Days in Leafy 'Sleeping Bag' [LiveScience 2013-08-20]
Resolution: 800x544
Parasitoid Turns Its Host Into A Bodyguard [ScienceDaily 2008-06-09]
Resolution: 541x673
Plants Tell Caterpillars When It's Safe To Forage [ScienceDaily 2006-05-16]
Resolution: 768x523
Crafty Caterpillars Mimic Each Other to Avoid Predators [LiveScience 2011-12-28]
Resolution: 360x540
Butterflies Remember Caterpillar Days [LiveScience 2008-03-05]
Resolution: 650x458
Engineered Corn Can Kill Monarch Butterflies [EurekAlert 1999-05-19]
Resolution: 150x296

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