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Two-Faced Cow Born [LiveScience 2007-01-05]
Resolution: 359x450
Walrus Calves Stranded By Melting Sea Ice [ScienceDaily 2006-04-15]
Resolution: 550x411
Somali Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata) - Wiki
Resolution: 640x427
Northern Right Whales Head South To Give Birth, Leave Genetic 'Fingerprints' With NOAA Researchers [ScienceDaily 2008-03-05]
Resolution: 300x200
Germany, Newborn calf [REUTERS]
Resolution: 399x450
Zebra calf, China [AP 2006-05-30]
Resolution: 410x278
Moose calf (Alces alces)
Resolution: 1997x1344
Poster: Phoby (
Cloned Calf Resistant to Mad Cow Disease, China [AP 2006-04-27]
Resolution: 311x430
Two-faced Calf, USA [AP 2007-01-04]
Resolution: 275x344
American Bison calf (Bison bison)
Resolution: 1650x1118
Poster: Phoby (

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