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[Birds of North America] Short-Eared Owl
Resolution: 744x1024
[Birds of North America] Red-Tailed Hawk
Resolution: 744x1024
Back Yard Birds - bluejay08.jpg --> Blue Jay
Resolution: 766x557
Poster: Mark Cassino (
[Birds of North America] Red-Shouldered Hawk
Resolution: 1024x704
[Birds of North America] Prairie Falcon
Resolution: 1024x706
자동차 창문에 충돌... 통째로 남은 새의 모습 ‘인터넷 화제’ [팝뉴스 2007-11-12]
Resolution: 448x681
‘텃새의 텃세’ [문화일보 2007-10-23]
Resolution: 540x336
[Birds of North America] Northern Saw-whet Owl
Resolution: 744x1024
[Birds of North America] Great Gray Owl
Resolution: 686x1024
[Birds of North America] Barrel Owl
Resolution: 1024x798

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