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American Beaver (Castor canadensis) - Wiki
Resolution: 1000x750
American Beaver (Castor canadensis): beaver's dam
Resolution: 1391x941
Poster: Phoby (
Beavers could be released in 2009 [BBC 2007-12-24]
Resolution: 203x152
Baby Beaver Is Boost to Reintroduced Wild Population [LiveScience 2012-10-18]
Resolution: 1000x750
Beavers Could Be Frogs’ Best Friends [LiveScience 2007-01-12]
Resolution: 163x110
Beavers to return after 400 years [BBC 2008-05-25]
Resolution: 226x170
Beavers 'helping frogs survive' [BBC 2007-01-15]
Resolution: 203x203
Busy As a Beaver: Dams Raise Water Table Downstream, Too [LiveScience 2006-06-05]
Resolution: 650x437
Busy Beavers Fight Drought [LiveScience 2008-02-21]
Resolution: 500x375
European Beaver (Castor fiber) - Wiki
Resolution: 711x554

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