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Oldest Arthropod Brain Found in Buglike Creature [LiveScience 2012-10-10]
Resolution: 800x884
500-Million-Year-Old Sea Creature With Limbs Under Its Head Unearthed [LiveScience 2013-02-27]
Resolution: 800x488
Coding For Arthropods: What's So Special About Insects And Spiders? [sciencedaily 2006-04-30]
Resolution: 300x300
50-Legged Creature May Have Been Top Predator of Ancient Seafloor [LiveScience 2011-11-08]
Resolution: 1000x708
‘Walking Cactus’ Called Missing Link for Insects [LiveScience 2011-02-23]
Resolution: 3508x2227
Huge Claw Belonged to 8-foot Sea Scorpion [LiveScience 2007-11-20]
Resolution: 350x507
Caterpillars Build Leaf 'Houses,' Other Insects Move In [LiveScience 2013-02-20]
Resolution: 886x961
Spider No More [Science 2005-10-19]
Resolution: 440x385
Ancient 'Mega-Clawed' Creature Had Brain Like a Spider's [LiveScience 2013-10-16]
Resolution: 1000x1143
Vampire sea spiders suck on prey [ABC-Online 2006-07-24]
Resolution: 200x268

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