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When Ants Go Marching, They Count Their Steps [LiveScience 2006-06-29]
Resolution: 650x488
Carnivorous Plants Employ Bodyguard Ants [LiveScience 2012-05-09]
Resolution: 1000x750
1,000 English Ants to Receive Radio Tags [LiveScience 2012-08-31]
Resolution: 600x400
Fire Ant Monarchy Ruled by 'Social Chromosome' [LiveScience 2013-01-16]
Resolution: 944x658
Ants and Caterpillar
Resolution: 1583x730
Ants Ring Woman's Doorbell Repeatedly [LiveScience 2013-05-31]
Resolution: 650x585
Honeypot Ant - Wiki
Resolution: 1600x1200
yellow crazy ant (Anoplolepis gracilipes)
Resolution: 800x576
Poster: Wiki Photos (---@---.---)
Image Gallery: Tagging Hairy Wood Ants, Formica lugubris [LiveScience 2012-08-31]
Resolution: 1000x640
Leaf cutting Ants, Queen and Worker [BBC 2008-03-19]
Resolution: 440x440

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