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Bizarre 'Zombie' Worms Use Acid to Eat Whale Bones [LiveScience 2012-07-03]
Resolution: 600x800
Deep-Sea Creepy-Crawlies: Images of Acorn Worms - Red Acorn Worm [LiveScience 2011-11-15]
Resolution: 1000x563
Newly Discovered 'Alien' Sea Worms Ride the Current [LiveScience 2011-11-15]
Resolution: 720x486
Deep-Sea Worms Can't Take the Heat [LiveScience 2013-05-29]
Resolution: 1000x563
Ocean Glow Stick: Sea Worm Emits Strange Blue Glow [LiveScience 2013-11-14]
Resolution: 800x600
Lowly Worms Get Their Place in the Tree of Life [LiveScience 2011-02-09]
Resolution: 575x431
Ocean Worm Wriggles Back Into View after 140 Years [LiveScience 2013-08-26]
Resolution: 2168x1508
Spallanzani's Feather Duster Worm - Spirographis spallanzani
Resolution: 1200x800
Poster: Klaus Rudloff (
Velvet Worm (Phylum: Onychophora) - Wiki
Resolution: 402x362
Deep-Sea Creepy-Crawlies: Images of Acorn Worms - Acorn Worm [LiveScience 2011-11-15]
Resolution: 818x542

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