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eastern woodrat (Neotoma floridana)
Resolution: 2864x1826
Poster: Wiki Photos (---@---.---)
Paranthropus robustus skull fossil [REUTERS 2006-11-09]
Resolution: 379x319
Egyptian spiny mouse
Resolution: 1024x768
Poster: "VaHerper" (
Canadian Lynx (Lynx canadensis) - Wiki
Resolution: 1004x686
Wild Horse (Equus caballus)
Resolution: 1536x1025
Poster: Phoby (
Assateague Island Pony (Equus caballus) 0002
Resolution: 1024x681
Poster: John White (
Baby Giant Panda, USA [REUTERS 2005-10-27]
Resolution: 450x309
Assateague Island Pony (Equus caballus) 0001
Resolution: 1024x681
Poster: John White (
Resolution: 755x641
Poster: "Trudie" (
Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)
Resolution: 700x724

The class mammalia
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