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Queen Butterfly [AP 2006-10-05]
Resolution: 335x430
Queen Butterfly (Danaus gilippus)
Resolution: 401x599
Queen Butterfly, USA [AP 2006-08-02]
Resolution: 430x311
Queen cracker butterfly (Hamadryas arethusa)
Resolution: 2022x1381
Poster: Axis (
Heliconia charitonia = Heliconius charithonia (zebra longwing butterfly), Danais berenice = Danaus gilippus berenice (queen butterfly), Colaenis julia = Dryas iulia (Julia heliconian), Agraulis vanillae = Dione vanillae (Gulf fritillary)
Resolution: 2057x3346
Image of: Danaus gilippus (queen butterfly)
Resolution: 642x480
Image of: Danaus gilippus (queen butterfly)
Resolution: 641x480
Image of: Danaus gilippus (queen butterfly)
Resolution: 501x480
Crafty Caterpillars Mimic Each Other to Avoid Predators [LiveScience 2011-12-28]
Resolution: 360x540
Queen of Spain fritillary (Issoria lathonia)
Resolution: 557x363
Poster: Shahril (

Queen butterfly
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