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Falling Geckos Use Tails to Land on Their Feet [LiveScience 2008-03-17]
Resolution: 450x192
Lizard disguised as autumn leaf [Telegraph 2009-10-14]
Resolution: 460x288
Mediterranean House Gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus) - Wiki
Resolution: 600x474
Freaks of Madagascar Get Protection Plan [LiveScience 2008-04-10]
Resolution: 650x423
악마 도마뱀의 `귀신같은 위장` [매일경제 2009-10-16]
Resolution: 280x504
악마 도마뱀의 `귀신같은 위장` [매일경제 2009-10-16]
Resolution: 465x314
Gecko's 'Active' Tail Key To Preventing Falls And Aerial Maneuvers [ScienceDaily 2008-03-18]
Resolution: 300x269
Geckos Lose Sticking Power With Wet Feet [LiveScience 2012-08-09]
Resolution: 600x1003
Sticky Questions Tackled In Gecko Research [ScienceDaily 2008-01-02]
Resolution: 300x199
Cut Here: Gecko Tails Rip Off Along 'Dotted' Line [LIveScience 2012-12-21]
Resolution: 640x427

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