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Feed The Birds: Winter Feeding Makes For Better Breeding [ScienceDaily 2008-02-06]
Resolution: 300x239
Osteodontornis orri (Pelagornithidae)
Resolution: 800x575
Modern Penguin (Family: Spheniscidae, Subfamily: Spheniscinae) - Wiki
Resolution: 418x272
Origin of Birds Debated [LiveScience 2008-02-08]
Resolution: 433x178
New Recordings of 'Extinct' Ivory-Billed Woodpecker [LiveScience 2011-04-29]
Resolution: 512x768
Archaeopteryx: The Transitional Fossil [LiveScience 2012-11-13]
Resolution: 800x921
New Warbler-like Bird Discovered In Nepal [ScienceDaily 2008-02-13]
Resolution: 300x323
Crouching Bird, Hidden Evolutionary Purpose? [LiveScience 2013-04-24]
Resolution: 768x996
Migrating Birds Expected to Pass Over Lighting of Sept. 11 Memorial [LiveScience 2012-09-08]
Resolution: 600x600
white rump sharma
Resolution: 504x443

First bird
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