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Dwarf Brocket Deer (Mazama chunyi) - Wiki
Resolution: 707x353
Deer (Family: Cervidae) - Wiki
Resolution: 1536x1152
Brocket Deer (Genus: Mazama) - Wiki
Resolution: 400x311
New Dwarf Buffalo Discovered By Chance In The Philippines [ScienceDaily 2006-10-23]
Resolution: 300x238
Mini-dinosaurs From The Harz Mountains: Bones Are Of Dwarf Sauropods [ScienceDaily 2006-06-08]
Resolution: 300x225
what is it -- Indian muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak)
Resolution: 308x480
Poster: Zander (
Legend grows around 'Hogzilla' [AP 2004-07-28]
Resolution: 298x400
Merida Brocket Deer (Mazama bricenii) - Wiki
Resolution: 331x471
The 500 Cutest Animals - 1. Sea Otter [LiveScience 2011-04-01]
Resolution: 600x471
The 500 Cutest Animals - 8. Red Panda aka Firefox [LiveScience 2011-04-01]
Resolution: 650x432

Dwarf deer
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