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European angler, common monkfish (Lophius piscatorius)
Resolution: 3200x1851
Poster: Wiki Photos (---@---.---)
Anglerfish (Order: Lophiiformes) - Wiki
Resolution: 505x473
Humpback Anglerfish (Melanocetus johnsonii) - Wiki
Resolution: 644x342
Lophius vaillanti, Shortspine African angler: fisheries
Resolution: 640x460
Anglerfish (Photocorynus spiniceps) - Wiki
Resolution: 203x152
New Species Of Fish Discovered That Would Rather Crawl Into Crevices Than Swim [ScienceDaily 2008-04-02]
Resolution: 300x241
Frogfish (Family: Antennariidae) - Wiki
Resolution: 340x209
Strange New Fish May See Like Humans [LiveScience 2008-04-02]
Resolution: 400x266
Flap over fishes: Who's the smallest of them all? [UWNews 2006-01-27]
Resolution: 400x255
Gallery: Brilliantly Bioluminescent Fish - Anglerfish / Monkfish [LiveScience 2011-07-06]
Resolution: 540x405

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